Liebster Blog Awards!

So I have been stressing out with my revision over the holidays, then, on a whim, I decided to have a look at my blog and do a bit of writing to cheer my little self up (oh poor me!)
I was absolutely beyond delighted when I checked my comments and found that the beautiful  Lala Mama nominated me for a Leibster award!
The Liebster Award is given to new and upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers* for recognition of their work. It is also a way to help promote and support new blogs that strive to inspire their readers.
That gorgeous girlie was far too kind, so I have decided to further spread the wealth and pass on the goodness to some other lovely bloggers!
So, now, here’s the rules
The nominated blogger has to share 11 things about them selves.
They need to answer the set of 11 questions which were givin to them.
Nominate 11 blogs – within the criteria.
Write 11 questions for them.
Follow the blog which gave you the award and those you are nominating.
Let them know that you gave them the award.
So, let the question answering commence!
The first part of the award is to answer 11 things about me!
  • I will be taking an English literature degree at university
  • My dream is to work at Vogue
  • I write poetry and crime novels in my free time
  • My favourite poet is Ted Hughes, I love a good cynic.
  • I love anything controversial, Lolita is one of my favorite books
  • I collect soaps and candles
  • LUSH Bath bombs are my favourite thing in the world
  • aside from my two little sisters, my parents and my two cats
  • I am an advanced skier.
  • I used to want to be a forensic pathologist.
  • I have a youtube channel, my username is Jambers8
So  the next part of the award is that your nominee gives you questions to answer before you then pass on the award, so here are the ones that were given to me!
If you had to blog about something completely unrelated to fashion/style, what would it be? Organisation and time management, sounds so boring, but when done right – it makes being organised a lot of fun!
If you were reborn as a fashion icon of the opposite sex, who would it be? Jedward… Oh I kid. Perhaps the gorgeous Mark Ronson.
What fantasy purchase is at the top of your list? A Chanel quilted bag in black with a silver chain.
If your blog had a soundtrack, what would the main song be? Anything by Alt-j, they inspire me so much
Besides your computer, what is the most important item sitting on your desk/workspace (if any)? My makeup collection!
If you could blog from anywhere in the world, where would it be? London London London.
What topic are you 95% sure you’ll never blog about? Toes. I despise toes.
What fashion faux-pas trend has you fuming right now? Wedged Hi-Tops!
Which do you prefer: Diet or Exercise? Diet! I’m terribly lazy
How has blogging changed how you explore fashion/art/style/design, etc.? Incredibly, I’ve found my writing style has been more easily influenced by the things around me as I’m more open to viewing things from multiple perspectives.
What is your blogging uniform? I’m a little unsure by what this question means, but alas, i’ll give my interpretive answer – MY PJ’s AS I LIVE IN  MY BED.
My Nominations
Now here’s the 11 questions for you guys to answer!
  1. What’s your greatest blogging achievement?
  2. Were your friends cool with you blogging?
  3. What was your first post about?
  4. Why did you write that first post? What got you into blogging?
  5. What is the biggest drawback of blogging?
  6. Why did you name your blog what you named it?
  7. What is your dream career?
  8. Did you enjoy High School?
  9. What’s top of your Christmas List?
  10. Where would your ideal home be located?
  11. What’s your ultimate aim with your blog?
Lots and Lots of Love
Jess xoxo
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Hi guys, sorry I’ve been vacant again, but my hard work is paying off! Straight A’s in my mock exams! Lets just hope the real ones go that well :)

Just thought I’d tell you all about a site I just discovered called Tobi.


Its really cute.

My favourite items had to be:

‘Jeckle’ Steve Madden Boots

and the

The Quill Shoulder Sweater

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OOTD: Dressing as Grey as the Sky Above Me.

Shirt – American Apparel, Jeans – Topshop, Boots – ASOS, Necklace – ASOS, Jacket – Spinns, Tokyo, Bag – H&M

It’s been a rainy Saturday and I needed to pop out for some Christmas presents with my sister so decided to wear this fabulous coat I got from Spinns yesterday for only ¥2990! Amazing!

A tutorial for my makeup look will be in the next post.. as soon as I’m done editing!

Eyes – E.S – MAC – Cranberry, Brulee, Woodwinked, Eyeliner – EyesCream, Mascara – MAC False Lash, Lips – MAC – Odyssey, Blush – NARS – Sin, Foundation – Maybelline BB Cream, Revlon Colour Stay Whipped Foundation.



Lots of Love,




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My Top 3 Most Visited Websites!

So guys, I have been pretty AWOL lately, and for that I apologise, I’m just trying to juggle school and home life and there’s never  a good balance as most nights I work so hard that I’m just too tired to do the things I love – like this!

Today I thought I’d share with you all my favourite websites.

1. Youtube

Let’s begin with my all time favourite – YouTube!

I have a Youtube channel myself, so often (or too often) I check up on how my videos are doing and watch all of the Youtubers I subscribe to! You can find my channel here. Some of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus are Grav3yardGirl and Leanne Woodfull.

2. Beautylish or Beautorial


I use these sites to interact with other gurus, look at product reviews and gather inspiration! My BeautyLish profile is here, and my Beautorial profile is here. These accounts are really good to have if you enjoy writing reviews or would just like to share your YouTube videos to a wider audience!

3. Temptalia

Whenever I go to buy a product, I check out Temptalia. Its the best website for swatches and reviews! Visit it here

I love these sites! Comment below showing me yours!

Lots of Love,

Jess xoxo

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Autumn Lookbook/Top 5 Autumn Polishes


Look Number 1

  • American Apparel Skirt
  • H&M (Mens Section) Checked Shirt
  • Primark Black Tights
  • Office Leopard Print Flatforms
  • Forever 21 Belt
  • Forever 21 Headband
  • Michael Kors Watch
  • New Look Bracelet
  • H&M Bag
  • Nails – Topshop ‘Sketch’

Look Number 2

  • Topshop Peter Pan Collared Dress
  • Primark Black Tights
  • Topshop Studded Leather Jacket
  • Dr. Marten Mary-Jane Heels
  • New Look Bag
  • New Look Bracelet

Look Number 3

  • Topshop ‘Leigh’ Burgundy Skinny jeans
  • Thrifted Vintage Army Jacket
  • Forever 21 Beanie
  • Office – White Low top Converse
  • Topshop Spiked Bracelet

Nail Polishes

1. Barry M – Racing Green

courtesy of

2. Barry M – Red Black

courtesy of

3. Topshop – Lead

courtesy of

4. OPI – Tickle my France-y

courtesy of

5. Topshop – Sketch

Lots of Love,

Jess xoxo


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I really am sorry :(

I haven’t blogged in ages and for this I really am sorry, I have been applying to university and it really has been time consuming :(

Also, my camera lens is broken, so I’m currently only able to make YouTube videos!

I’ll be back to blogging slowly but surely.

My next post will be a detailed explanation of my newest video on my channel.

I really am sorry.

Lots of love,

Jess xxx

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How to gain Instagram Followers!

Here are my 5 little things to do in order to gain Instagram followers/build a community with your account.

My username is : Jambersbeauty

I have 555 followers at present and to answer a fair few questions of HOW DO YOU DO IT!? I thought I’d make a little post about it. These tips are simply for an account like mine.  A fashion/beauty instagram. I rarely use it for personal photos but rather for cosmetic related photos.

Tip 1.

Pick a theme and stick with it! If you want to gain followers, your photos can’t be of anything and everything (generally) so try and stick with one particular theme.

Mine is Makeup! Therefore I try to ensure I always take pictures of Makeup.

Tip 2.

Use hashtags! When I say hashtags I do NOT mean #instadaily or #followme or other very overused hashtags. I’m talking specific hashtags. Use brand-names or larger generalisations of whats in the picture.

Some Examples:

#Cheetah Print #Nails #NailArt #AmericanApparel

#Nebula #Galaxy #DipHem #Studs #Fashion #Clutch #Bag #WhatIWore #OOTD #OOTN #Dress

Tip 3.

Like others photographs! On your notification page under the Following heading you can see the photos that others have liked. Think of it this way. You are following someone who has the same sort of instagram as you – by seeing what they are liking, it shows you who they are following – therefore, opening you up to a larger community. If you like 3-5 of one persons photos, they may see it on their feed and go and check out your profile, perhaps inspiring a follow.

Tip 4.

NEVER BEG - Follow for follows are the single most annoying things in the world. JUST NO.

Tip 5.

Natural Light. Shoot photos in natural light and the results will be mindblowingly better than that of those taken under yellow artificial lights. Especially for something like Fashion and Beauty – colour accuracy is important and for things to look as true to life as possible! Natural light is the only way to go about it.



I hope this helped some of you out!

Lots of Love

Jess xoxo

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My Birthday Wishlist

Friends and Family alike have asked me what I want for my birthday – I hate that question. Even if there’s 1,000,000 things I want – I will always deny wanting anything. So I thought I’d put some bits and pieces on here so people can get some idea without me getting all embarrassed. Also, its always nice to have a nose at what others are wanting

1. House of Fraser/MAC Gift Card!

I’d really like makeup for my birthday and it is soo hard to buy makeup for someone so I’d love a gift card so I can just go and get something myself!


2. ‘Apoclolypse’ Heavy Studded Boots – Topshop £85

I’m looking for the perfect big boots to go with little dresses for this autumn/winter! These are just to dieee for. Alternatively, they have another pair in Primark which are at a more affordable £18

3. Wild Child Lush Box

I love Lush – anything and EVERYTHING Lush!!

4. MAC Electric Cool

I just love these! Especially in the colours Pure Flash (2nd to the left top row) and Superwatt (Top row far right) Their colour payoff is devine.

5. Essie Nail Polish


Topless and Barefoot

Mint Candy Apple

Now that these babies are sold in boots they’re so much easier to get ahold of at 7.99 each they’re lovely presents!

6. Lily Flame Candle in Fairy Dust

BEST smelling candle in the WORLD.

7.  Studded Dress by

AAH This is just divine.

8. MAC Lipstick in Venus, Plink or Russian Red.

9. Just a lot of laaave!

Thanks so much to all my followers. Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like. I may be on holiday but things are more chaotic than ever!

Lots of love,



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Tutorial: Cupcake Nail Art

What You’ll Need:

  • Large Nail Dotting Tool
  • Tiny Dotting Tool
  • Flat Medium Brush (Or a Medium Dotting tool)
  • Thin Striper
  • Nail Polish: I used Barry M : Matt White, Bright Pink, Berry IceCream, Blueberry IceCream, Lemon IceCream, Nude.
  • Top Coat: I used Seche Vite

Lets begin…

  1. Using the Striper, Stripe Blueberry IceCream onto the bottom third of the nail. Leaving spaces for the Pink.
  2. Now Stripe on the pink, going in between the blue lines.
  3. Now for the Icing on the cake! Make a pyramid out of white dots using either the large dotting tool or the brush. (See picture for an explaination)
  4. By using the tiny dotting tool, add on the sprinkles. I did the yellow first, then the purple.
  5. Using the Large Dotting tool and the same pink you used on the stripes add a cherry on top of your cupcake and there you have it!

Hope you enjoyed! I’m so sorry for my lack of blog posts. I’m on holiday in England at the moment and my boyfriend is visiting from San Francisco so I’m soo busy! I will be blogging more from the 5th though I don’t want to wish his time away here!!!

Lots of Love,




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